RUCS is a creative problem-solving method described in the Secrets of the Artists book which takes the reader through 31-steps process in order to arrive at several possible solutions to any problem in art or life.

1. What’s the problem?
2. Where to begin?
3. How big is my problem?
4. How big do I want my solution to be?
5. What is my problem really about?
6. How have others dealt with this problem?
7. What is the usual solution to this problem?
8. What do I want to achieve?
9. The vocabulary of experience.
10. Where should I start?
11. What skills do I lack?
12. What resources do I need?
13. Who can I copy?
14. Who is adding to my darkness?
15. Being too close?
16. The importance of empty spaces.
17. Looking beyond.
18. Opposites.
19. Thinking about beauty.
20. Experiment.
21. Looking elsewhere.
22. Question!
23. Memory and legacy.
24. When is it finished?
25. Where to now?
26. Learning to live with rejection.
27. Who is to judge?
28. Wisdom and virtue.
29. Art redefined.
30. Did it work?
31. What have I learnt?
Secrets of the Artists
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